All container shipments, throughout Europe (Western and Eastern), with all types of containers, including genset and 45 'long necks.

    1. All container shipments made with technically advanced chassis, with all on road safety and customer service.
    2. Chassis fitted with special locks to twist the transport of 20 'and 40' spreader to perform without damaging.
    3. Platform trailers with twist locks, pallets and straw winches and approved attachment points.
    4. Semi-loader extendable to 20 m, with all permits, high, long and wide.
    5. Tilt trucks with pallets and aluminum rods - 13.6 m long with twist locks into the floor, for 33 europaltten, sliding open in each direction. Special rails in the floor to hammer bolts shifting loads counter.
    6. All our trucks have a hive or XL-X Certificate.
    7. All our vehicles have ABS, EPS and ERS on road safety.
    8. Fork Lifts 2.5 tons to 35 tons. All our staff have a certificate forklift driver and so the customer can be used for loading and promote losopdrachten if desired.
    9. Approved lifting and lashing material becoming available.
    10. Converted containers, 20 'and 40' flat racks in-house, with a payload of 38 tonnes. These can be placed by customers to carry out certain actions.
    11. Express Transport by cars and light vans throughout Europe, licensed (over 500 cargo costs required).
    12. All tractors are equipped with alarms and immobilisers, tractors equipped with GSM and GPS anti-theft protection, approved by the insurance.
    13. All cars and drivers are equipped with a collie ADR certificate and / or equipment.
    14. All warehouse operations 24 hours at 24, 7 / 7 including holidays.
    15. Sprint Service 24 / 7, from 1kg to 000kg 30