• Container Chassis 20 ft to 45 ft, including genset (for reefer container), multipurpose chassis, X-stearing chassis. All chassis are equipped for ADR Collies. Naturally, our tractors are also equipped.
  • All platform trucks with or without pallets, with straw winches, covered wagons with sliding in two directions can be opened.
  • Frigo trucks with tailgate with, partitioning, dual temperature measurement with computer log.
  • Forklifts from 2 to 35 tons.
  • Tractor equipped with GPS, GSM, theft protection and onboard computer.
  • Semi-loader, extendable to 20 meters, width and height all permits included.
  • Materials complete workshop for repairing tractors and trailers
  • Covered pitches for trailers to enter into heated hall