Welcome at Vinnietrans
    Vinnietrans is a family business founded in 1995, with personal service, flexibility and expertise as a goal. Our warehouse and office are located in the port of Antwerp in a 2km radius of all roads. From 1995 after founding Vinnietrans, the company has continued to grow steadily with its own resources. Now, we count 10 tractors and 37 towed units for our total fleet capacity. We have trailers for most transportation applications ranging from container chassis with all connections (also 45" long neck and fully licensed for highway code), gensets, X-steering, flats, etc. We also have a wide range of platform trailers with twist locks , sideboards and all relevant permits for exceptional transport. Tilt trucks with sliding roof, opening front and rear, with rails in the floor for cargo lashing and with special seals to lock so that changes are impossible. Systematically, we became a household name in the port for destinations with various kinds of difficulty. In our photo session on the Vinnietrans Fansite you can admire and judge commands of various types. Meanwhile we have two warehouses where we handle the complete logistical needs of our customers. ie Loading and unloading of all goods, pallet well, but the more difficult items, project cargo to 100ton., lashing and securing of the goods and the packaging of these goods in boxes of all kinds and various sizes inclusive. Even with the handling of bulk freight logistics, we will always have a big advantage on competitors to retain our expertise as a major Varia, everything is monitored personally, and we are always in close contact with our customers. Various destinations are a way of life for Vinnietrans.